The Blanket Anchor is the new beach billboard...


Welcome to The Blanket Anchor® Company!

What is the Blanket Anchor®?

The Blanket Anchor® is a new patented revolutionary set of brand-able beach tools that anchor your blowing blanket to the sand. This unique product comes in sets of (4) 6-inch pegs packaged neatly in a little mesh bag.

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What is the Blanket Anchor®?

The Blanket Anchor® is used at the beach in the sand (or grass). The base is twisted or screwed clockwise into the sand until the clamp is flush with the sand and then you gently grip the corner of your blanket to hold it in place. Just twist and clip!

The Blanket Anchor® is not only available as a set of (4) pegs but it is also available as a Blanket Anchor Kit® paired with a branded matching 60 x 80 blanket!


The Blanket Anchor® is the new beach billboard...

Currently, effective beach marketing is limited. Aerial Advertising (plane dragging the sign) has been around since the 1930’s and has a 20% response rate. We at the Blanket Anchor® Company have taken it a step further with the Blanket Anchor® Kit, which includes a set of branded pegs and matching blanket.

Blanket Anchor® Pegs

  • (4) Light-Weight Plastic 6" Blanket Anchor® Pegs

Blanket Anchor® Kit includes:

  • (4) Light-Weight Plastic 6" Blanket Anchor® Pegs
  • (1) Over-Sized Blanket (60 x 80 inches)

The Blanket Anchor® Company is looking to turn the travel and tourism industry on its’ head with this revolutionary brand-able beach tool. Currently Blanket Anchors® and Blanket Anchor® Kits are available wholesale as:

  • Promotional Products
  • Corporate Giveaways
  • Beach Marketing Tools
  • Branded Souvenirs
  • Licensing
  • Retail Distribution

Relevant Industries:

  • Liquor Companies
  • Beach Hotels
  • Cruise Ships
  • Corporate Conferences


For Inquiries Please Contact:

Dawn E. Adams

Inventor / Founder



Errol C. Bailey





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